Al Bait Al Assari is a based in Sharjah, UAE. Since it was established with a clear and strong focus to serve our clients with professional and quality approach, it has gained some prestigious projects in Building Contracting business in Sharjah. It has been lead by an efficient staff therefore its growth continues strongly.

Project Name Location
Ali Ishaq Hassan Ahmed Plot no:-4679, Rahmania9
Ahmed Mohammed Abdelrahman Abdulah Al Ali Plot no:-2350, Rahmania5
Hamad Ghanem Bn Gseem Plot no:-106, Al Falah
Rashed ahmed ahmed ghareb Elbloshy Plot no:-1882, Rahmania5
Shekah Salem Ebed Aldeb Plot no:-3810, Al Qraien
Adel Ghbesh Hashel Al Bouloushi Plot no:-4472, Rahmania9